Asia Pacific Peace Studies Institute

Holy Names University School of Education

Oakland, California

The Asia Pacific Peace Studies Institute (APPSI) seeks to promote “positive peace” – that is, peace with genuine security as well as justice and sustainability – in Oakland and communities throughout Asia, Oceania and the Americas. We do so via an integrative approach combining collaborative research, student leadership training, social innovation, and public engagement activities ranging from policy seminars to music and the arts.

Featured Programs 


Publications & Public Engagement


Asia Pacific Peace Studies

The Asia Pacific Peace Studies journal features research and commentaries on positive peace, and seeks to serve as a bridge to connect two academic fields—Asian/Pacific studies and peace studies.



Chalmers Johnson JPRI Archive & Network

In a turbulent time of global and national crises, we recommend revisiting JPRI founder Dr. Chalmers Johnson’s books and articles as well as reading new works from scholars in the JPRI global network.

Speaker Series

Professor Yuan-li Wu Economics Speaker Series

Our flagship public affairs series features policymakers and social innovators such as John Williams (president, Federal Reserve Bank of New York) and Ahmed Rahim (co-founder, Numi Organic Tea).


Degree Programs & Life Learning


Degrees + Certificates

APPSI supports degree and certificate programs at Holy Names University by offering various co-curricular learning experiences such as internships, field trips, practitioner sessions, and peace-building projects.


APPSI in K-14 Classroom

APPSI is partnering with the HNU School of Education to create lesson plans! We aim to share insights from our research and peacebuilding projects with K-14 classrooms in Oakland and communities across the country.


APPSI Lifelong Learning

APPSI promotes lifelong learning through programs for students and teachers as well as alumni and the general public. Most events in the APPSI Speaker Series and Prof. Yuanli Wu Economics Speaker Series are free and open to all.