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The Japan Policy Research Institute (JPRI) is dedicated to research and public education on Japan and the entire Pacific Rim, with the aim of advancing intercultural understanding and international reconciliation as well as more peace-oriented and environmentally sustainable policies throughout this region.

Featured Articles


Poisoning the Pacific

For decades, US military operations have been contaminating the Pacific region with toxic substances. Hundreds of thousands of service members, their families, and residents have been exposed—but the United States has hidden the damage and refused to help victims.


Working Papers

The Devastating Legacy of the “Secret War”

Studies of the short-term impact that armed conflicts have on economic development abound, but there is little consensus about their legacy. This paper evaluates the enduring effects of the U.S. government’s “Secret War” in Laos, waged from 1964 to 1975.



The American Empire Project

Dr. Chalmers Johnson was an eminent scholar and public intellectual who founded the think tank JPRI. During his tenure as president of JPRI he published a series of best-selling books in The American Empire Project—a collaborative initiative with other great thinkers.